Site QA/QC Engineer

Job description

The  Site QA/QC Engineer  holds  the  responsibility  for  the  implementation,  documentation,  and execution  of  the  Quality  Control  System  on  project’s  construction  phases.  He shall maintain and update site log and record all quality observations on a daily basis.  

Duties shall also include but are not limited to ensuring  that  contractors  comply  with  project  specifications  in  their  submitted  activities.  Manage and evaluate  all  civil  processes  and  ensure  efficient  quality  control  within  the  project.  Provide support to the Construction team and other Quality Control Specialists.  Ensure all work complies with Contract Requirements.

Key Responsibilities and Specific Accountabilities:


  • Direct,  supervise  and  coordinate  structural  inspection/engineering  QC  activities  and  acts  as  client representative  on  project  sites.
  • Review  and  check  submittals,  shop  drawings,  equipment  data,  material  samples  and/or manufacturers  for  compliance  with  contract  drawings,  specifications  and  project  quality  system.
  • Coordinate  with  design  team  to  resolve  all  construction  issues,  RFI  s  and  conflicts.
  • Ensure  that  all  requirements  of  the  applicable  specifications  and  drawings  are  complied  with  and report  on  deficiency  corrections  on  site.
  • Establish  and  maintain  robust  procedures  to  develop  standard  documentation  for  the  project  quality control  and  assurance;  and  propose  any  improvements  deemed  necessary
  • Coordinate  structural  QC  work  with  other  technical  disciplines  to  ensure  safe  and  seamless Management with all trades and activities.
  • Implement Accident Prevention Plan.  Promote  Safety  Goals  and  the  culture  of  safety  on  the  jobsite.
  • Assist in administering safety program and procedures.
  • Coordinate testing and inspection of offsite materials storage and testing.
  • Inspect all materials for compliance to submittals and drawings.
  • Monitor  the  performance  of  all  control  activities  and  tests  on  structural  components  of  buildings.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems relating to structural quality control.
  • Participate in development of the Commissioning plan, roles and responsibilities.  Implement Commissioning plan.
  • Participate  in  and  conduct  weekly  coordination  meetings  with  the  client  and  contractor
  • Review, assist and facilitate Daily Report process.
  • Keep an updated daily report
  • Prepare and submit weekly and monthly quality reports
  • Maintain  and  update  knowledge  on  various  civil  engineering  processes  &  techniques  and  coordinate with  other  departments  for  the  technical  activities  of  the  project.


  • An  engineer  holding  a  bachelor’s  degree  in  an  engineering  field  from  an  internationally  recognized university
  • Experience  of  not  less  than  (8)  years  in  quality  assurance  control  field  for  similar projects  and  working  in  accordance  to  codes  and  Saudi  &  International  various  standards.  
  • Very fluent  in  reading,  writing  and  speaking  the   English  language.