Sector/Sites Manager

Job description

Job Title:                           Sector Manager

Department:                   Construction Department

Location:                           Abha/Jizan, Saudi Arabia 

Reporting to:                     Area Manager

Responsible for:               Deputy Sector Managers/Sector staff


Job Summary


To oversee the daily operations of multi-site projects including contractor management, dispute

management, material management whilst ensuring health and safety standards are met.


Key Responsibilities


  • Supervising the Engineers’ duties and responsibilities relating to the site supervision of construction, and the administration of the Contract.
  • Provide site supervision with a full set of the approved documents (shop drawings, material approvals
  • Ensure full coordination between all other disciplines of the construction team and Management Team
  • Provide technical support and assessment of variations and claims (when raised by Contractor), and any time or cost impact occurred because of any required scope of changes and attach his comments & recommendations and raise them to the zone manager.
  • Chair regular meetings following contract award to ensure the progress of site activities meets the requirements of the construction program.
  • Attend regular cost meetings to review all cost and budgeting contract issues arising on the Project and to ensure these are being dealt with effectively and in accordance with the agreed procedures.
  • Attend regular progress meetings with the top management as required.
  • Ensure that the Project Team is liaising as required with relevant statutory authorities and utility providers.
  • Ensure that all parties are fully informed of all rules, regulations and procedures relating to site safety and that these are adhered to by all stakeholders.
  • Attend regular briefing meetings to advise Contractors of the roles of all parties associated with the Project, reporting procedures, and information flow and project status.
  • Reports to Area Manager (daily/ weekly / monthly) reports, cost related issues, project quality, and safety reports, work program related issues.
  • Preparation of the monthly reports, and project status with respect to the project base lines
  • Assist the Project Executive to ensure the discharge of Contractors’ duties as defined in the
  • Contracts and advise him in the event of any discrepancies to provide the service required by such Contracts and agreements.
  • Make communication and correspondence with all parties.
  • Monitoring all correspondence with contractor and client
  • Obtaining the reports from specialists (QS, Quality Manager, and Planning).
  • Monitoring of the implementation of project as per signed documents and company policy
  • Review/ make recommendations of work program, shop drawing, materials, staff, and test results
  • Establishing / maintain / controlling project records such as program, daily logs, quantities, variations, RFI, Contract documents and safety issues.
  • Review the contractor payments and make recommendation to the zone manager.
  • Assist the top management to confirm that approved safety plans have been implemented by the Contractor.
  • Manage and coordinate the collation of a complete set of all the Project documentation and handed over to CLIENT.
  • Manage and coordinate in conjunction with the Contractor the collection, review and distribution of as Built Drawings and Operations and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Arrange for elementary hand over committee in conjunction with client and contractor on site staff are fully motivated to achieve best performance to meet the project’s needs.


  • The ideal candidate should hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Civil or Architectural Engineering from an internationally recognized university. 
  • To be successful at this role, you should have not less than 15 years of experience in the site/project management field. You should have solid experience in supervising large scale developments with a strong track-record of multi-site coordination, escalation management, conflict management and reporting.
  • Fluency in the English and Arabic reading, writing and speaking.